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Question says all (I think).

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Short answer: Heat Rotom
The answer to this question is extremely format-dependent. There is no overarching best form. What battle format are you talking about, e.g. VGC, BSS, Smogon OU, etc?
Smodon gen 8 OU
Heat or Wash probably
I believe wash cause it only has one weakness (grass)
Remember kids, if you ever feel useless. . . remember rotom fan is a flying-electric type with the ability levitate lmao

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At present,

Rotom-Heat is best

This could change in the future depending on how the meta shapes up, but in Gen 8 OU Singles, Rotom-Heat is undeniably better than all other forms, including the previous favourite Rotom-Wash.

The reasons for this are simple: Rotom-Heat resists Grass, Electric, Fire, Fairy, and Steel moves, all of which are (or were) extremely threatening since the release of the Isle of Armour DLC.

Here's some common threats haunting OU:

  • Grassy Terrain Grassy Glide Rillaboom
  • Pyro Ball Cinderace (pre-ban, also checked by Rotom Wash)
  • Flash Cannon / Fleur Cannon Magearna (pre-ban, mentioning to point out how much of a threat it was)
  • Tangrowth/ Amoongus / Ferrothorn (defensive, but can threaten Rotom Wash with Giga Drain or Power Whip), more common now due to Rapid Strike Urshifu
  • Moonblast Clefable
  • Plasma Fist Zeraora
  • Corviknight / Skarmory

As you can see, Rotom Heat is the best of all the forms to provide a hard or soft check to these super common sets due to its resistances, and ability to Pain Split/Defog, while also main offensive pressure with Overheat and Volt Switch.

This is something other forms simply cannot do as effectively, and in particular Rotom Wash is highly vulnerable to Grassy Glide, which has severely impacted its usage. However, Rotom-Wash is significantly better at dealing with Hippowdown, but it's simply not enough to be used over Rotom-Heat.

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Cinderace is banned in OU currently.
trudat, I mentioned it just the same in case it gets unbanned in the future. iirc it was quickbanned without a vote unlike mag, so i'm hopeful of its return. i was merely pointing out what led to the prominence of rotom heat in the meta. but yes, thank you, i'll edit that in.
Then is offensive or defensive rotom-h better?
As it works best as a switch in/ pivot, I'd say a defensive rotom is better. Offensive variants aren't as effective. You're not looking to KO defensive mons like Amoongus or Ferrothorn but rather force them out, or weaken them considerably for your sweepers to KO them late game. That said, both versions are useful and it does depend on your team, as in whether you have enough offensive presence or enough balance. Another idea is to use it to cripple opposing threats with Toxic/will-o-wisp (and make it easier for Hex Dragapult to sweep, for example), so again, defensive variants are better.
It's pretty easy to run a defensive/pivot Rotom-H but still tack Nasty Plot onto it. The typical balance cores in OU have quite a bit of trouble switching into +2 Overheat/Volt Switch.
But yeah, nice to see an answer that actually shows an awareness of OU's meta.
Can u advise a set ? Complete with item, EV and nature
Hi, so sorry, didn't see your comment.

I'll include both of the recommended Smogon sets because they're the most effective ones:

Rotom-Heat @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Nasty Plot
- Discharge
- Overheat
- Pain Split (or Toxic)

This set is more of a set-up approach that works better towards teams geared towards balance or stalling.


Rotom-Heat @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 248 HP / 92 SpD / 168 Spe
Calm Nature
- Volt Switch
- Overheat
- Toxic
- Pain Split

This one is better suited if your opponent has a more offensive team where preserving momentum and being able to pivot is more important than dealing damage.

However, I've seen sets which run [Nasty Plot+ Volt Switch+ Overheat + Toxic] with speed and HP investment. This is somewhat risky as you're constantly under the pressure of volt-switching away your nasty plot boosts, but it could lead you to a clutch victory in some games. This is riskier than either of the othe sets but also provides some more versatility compared to them, so you have other options to explore within a battle.

@Fizz: Thanks a bunch pal! I can't believe I didn't note the threat Rotom-H becomes upon a Nasty Plot, oops. Also yeah lmao I've been keeping tabs on this meta a lil more than previous generations haha, maybe because they banned Dynamax so the games are now (nostalgically) similar to Gen4/5 battles without the OP mega evolution or z moves, so basically forcing players to adapt to a simpler dynamic/form of battling.
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In my opinion, the best is Rotom-W. Let’s go through all forms.

Rotom-H - It’s main strength is Overheat + Volt Switch. With an impressive power of 130, you can then switch whilst damaging, repairing your SpAtk. It has a few weaknesses however. It loses to sand and rain a lot.

Rotom-F - The worst. Freeze Dry does not do much, as Thunderbolt will hits waters anyway.

Rotom-M - It uses a similar tactic to Rotom-H with Lear Storm and Volt Switch. However, it has a few bad weaknesses, including fast fire types.

Rotom-F - I guess it’s OK, but it has a useless ability and has Air Slash which is good but Hurricane is usually better. Two weaknesses is pretty good, but overall it’s not amazing.

Rotom-W has a single weakness and a great typing. Hydro Pump has good power and hits grounds that are immune to Thunderbolt. I’d recommend this moveset.

Rotom-W @ Sitrus Berry

EVs: 252 HP/180 Speed/76 SpAtk

Hydro Oump
Nasty Plot.

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It's good as a special wallbreaker down in NU. It is most definitely not the best Rotom form, however.

It's pretty good as a defensive Pokemon in the lower tiers, with a nice typing and access to Will-O-Wisp, Pain Split, and Defog. It functions well as a hazard clearer, being immune to three of the major four entry hazards. Again, however, not the best.

It can be a nice wallbreaker or support Pokemon, albeit in the lower tiers like the two forms before it. It has low Speed and a plethora of weaknesses, however. You're pretty much required to run Heavy-Duty Boots. It also needs to get a Nasty Plot boost to be good, tricky with its typing and Speed.

It performs an offensive support role (like just about every Rotom form) in the lower tiers (again), with access to things like Will-O-Wisp, Defog, Leaf Storm, and Volt Switch. Its typing makes it weak to common Pokemon like Ninetales, though, so there's usually a better option.

One of the two somewhat good Rotom forms. Its typing allows it to resist the multitude of ever-present Fairy and Steel types, and fire back with powerful Overheats and Thunderbolts. The downside of it being a Fire type, however, is that Heavy-Duty Boots is all but required for it to be good, especially if you plan to be Volt Switching in and out. It functions well as either an offensive Pokemon (Overheat, Thunderbolt) or a supporter/pivoter (Pain Split, Volt Switch, Defog).

Debatably the best Rotom form, contested with Rotom-H. Its Electric/Water typing paired with Levitate makes it weak to just Freeze-Dry and Grass moves, making it an excellent typing defensively. It unfortunately gets no recovery outside of Pain Split, making its bulk somewhat less usable, as it's prone to being chipped down. Nevertheless, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Volt Switch, Will-O-Wisp, and Thunder Wave are very good moves to have, and Rotom-W will more than likely put up a good fight on the field.

The best is probably either Wash form or Heat form, judging by what I've seen.

Hope I helped!

If you ever feel useless, remember rotom fan is a flying and electric type and has the ability levitate LMAO