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I was wondering what each of them do best.

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Yes ou
And yes I am asking for every forms best possible role
The thing is with this question is that not every Rotom form is viable in OU. The only viable Rotom form in OU is Rotom-Wash, which is currently A- in the OU VR. Rotom-Heat is C Rank on the OU VR. The other Rotom forms are UR. Here's a quick breakdown of the roles the Rotom-forms in the tiers they are used in:

Rotom-Wash is used as a Defensive pivot in OU and UU, and can also use a Choice Scarf set in UU.

Rotom-Heat can be used as a defensive pivot or Nasty Plot user in UU.

Rotom-Mow can use either Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Offensive Defog, or a Nasty Plot set in NU.

Rotom-Frost is ZUBL and is UR on the PU VR, but can use a Nasty Plot set.

The regular Rotom form can use a Choice Scarf, utility, or Nasty Plot set in ZU.

Rotom-Fan can be used as a Pivot or a Nasty Plot setup user in ZU.

TL;DR There isn't really a best role for the Rotom forms in the tiers they are viable in, as some can be versatile, depending on what tier they are used in.
Right, it would be better the ask what they do best in their respective tiers.
Ah thanks. And yes I would definitely be find with an answer on what they do best in their respective tiers. Not every Rotom form was created equal *cough* Fan Rotom *cough*.
(Love fan Rotom by the way)

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Base form, ZU

Choice Scarf improves Rotom's revenge killing capabilities at the cost of some wallbreaking power; it outpaces foes like Froslass, Silvally-Poison, and Choice Scarf Sawk. Volt Switch can be used to pick off weakened foes while also keeping momentum against potential switch-ins. Trick can be used once there isn't a need for Rotom's revenge killing purposes and punishes passive walls like Galarian Stunfisk and Articuno. Thunderbolt makes for a great cleaning move, as it is a stronger Electric-type STAB move that doesn't force Rotom out. Alternatively, Will-O-Wisp cripples opposing targets, namely physical Ground-types like Rhydon, Piloswine, and Galarian Stunfisk, while Defog is useful on teams that cannot fit entry hazard removal elsewhere.


Fan, ZU

Rotom-S is a good entry hazard remover in the metagame due to its ability to pivot with Volt Switch and excellent defensive typing that lets it wall and threaten common Pokemon such as Qwilfish and Sawk. Will-O-Wisp allows Rotom-S to cripple physical attackers such as Kangaskhan, Silvally formes, and Rhydon on the switch, while Pain Split gives greater but unreliable longevity. 252 Speed EVs let Rotom-S outspeed relevant Pokemon such as Cramorant, Qwilfish, and non-Choice Scarf Sawk. Investing in Special Attack over HP allows it to pressure common walls like Altaria and Piloswine, which is also viable.

Frost Rotom is banned in ZU and not viable in any of the other tiers.

Heat, UU

Rotom-H's Defog, Nasty Plot, well rounded stats, and unique typing grant it a place in the metagame, either as a defensive Defogger and switch-in to Pokemon like Celesteela and Moltres or a fierce Nasty Plot wallbreaker capable of overwhelming checks like Primarina after some chip damage. It distinguishes itself from Rotom-W by breaking through Grass-types like Amoonguss. Its typing also gives it the resistances to check Pokemon like Celesteela, Moltres, and Mamoswine.


Mow, NU

The biggest benefit to using Rotom-C is its nearly unblockable Volt Switch. Rotom-C's Speed and STAB Leaf Storm prevent Ground-types from reliably denying it from generating momentum, and, although plenty of Pokemon take negligible damage from its attacks, they cannot prevent it from freely pivoting and bringing in terrifying wallbreakers. It's also the best Choice Scarf user in the tier, revenge killing key Pokemon like Talonflame and Starmie, still pivoting very effectively, and providing a source of entry hazard removal. Add Nasty Plot into the mix, and you've got a Pokemon with great use at every stage of the game, be it pivoting and slowly chipping away at checks early- and mid-game or cleaning teams with boosted attacks late-game.


Wash, UU

Rotom-W's typing and Levitate allow it to be an effective pivot that comes in against notable threats such as Mamoswine, Moltres, Pelipper, and Celesteela. Rotom-W can act as an effective entry hazard remover due to its great matchup against common entry hazard setters like Rhyperior and Krookodile. Other utility options like Pain Split and Will-O-Wisp allow it to make progress even when the opponent switches to its checks and counters. Its Choice Scarf set is also notable for addtionally providing solid speed control while still acting as a Ground-type immunity and hazard removal.


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