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Battle combo moves, usually called Pledge moves, like Fire Pledge, Water Pledge, and Grass Pledge exist with some effects on using one with another.

Fusion moves are Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare. Their powers are doubled when used with the other.

These are well known facts but I wanted to include it and know how viable and reliable are these moves in Gen 8 competitive, and which are the best Pokemon to use these moves

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In gen 8 OU, pledge moves are always outclassed by stuff like giga drain and scald. All fusion move users are banned in OU.

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Pledge moves are very bad, as you can do much more consistent damage with moves like Giga Drain, Scald, Surf, and Flamethrower. Their special effects only come into effect in doubles, so they're even more useless in singles.

Fusion Bolt/Flare are good moves, but the only Pokemon that can learn them are banned from OU. Therefore, neither combo is at all viable in Gen 8 OU.

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