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I though that Rotom-H was the one in OU but apparently it is UU. What is the reason for its place in OU?

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  • Fantastic Water/electric typing which means only one weakness(grass).
  • Can Effectively counter some of the game's most prominent threats, such as Gliscor and Landorus.
  • Since 5th gen, the new Volt Switch further bolster Rotom-W's abilities as a Choice Scarf or Choice Specs user, allowing it to pull off an effective hit-and-run strategy while still dealing good damage in the process.


  • Mediocre speed and defences so they can One Hit Rotom
  • Latios, Latias, Blissey, and Chansey are the big four that will almost assuredly give Rotom-W trouble. Grass types may also give problems. Pokemon like Virizion has great Special Defense to sponge Rotom-W's attacks, and it can either set up Calm Mind or heal up with a super effective Giga Drain.
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It actually turns into Electric-Water, not Water-Ghost.
Tricking a choice Scarf onto Blissey and Chansey Cripples them, which usually works in your favor.
And Rotom - W's defenses aren't bad- his HP is, though. And don't forget Scizor and Rotom W combo.