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I have an idea to get stealth rock AND icicle crash for my Mamoswine via breeding. But I'm new to the whole breeding process and I'm not quite sure if this will work. (Note, I already breeded an Azumarill with aqua jet, so it's not like I'm completely useless at it).
I got the breeding move list from Serebii:


So first off I get a male Smeargle with stealth rock and icicle crash, and breed it with a female Piloswine until I get a Swinub with stealth rock and icicle crash.

Would this work? Or is is there something I'm missing? Let me know please!

I don't see why not.

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Yep that'd work fine. That's actually the only way to get both those moves onto Swinub via breeding, since nothing else it can breed with can learn both of those moves.

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