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ive been playing yellow and I cant find the pokeflute.i would normally watch a walkthrough video, but ive been challenged to beat the game without.i need to know where the pokeflute is, so I can wake up snorlax. can someone PLEASE help?

oops nevermind ifigrued it out

new question: how do I get into saffron? the police dudes wont let me in

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Instead of having multiple unrelated questions on one page, just ask another question.
And buy a Fresh Water (or Soda Pop/Lemonade) from the vending machines on the top floor of Celadon Department Store. Talk to one of the police while carrying one of these drinks and they will let you pass from now on.
ok for now on i will and thanks

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You need to save Mr. Fuji from Team Rocket in the Lavender Town Pokemon Tower.
To do this, you need to get the Silph Scope, which is obtained from beating Team Rocket in their hidden Celadon City Game Corner Base. This allows you to interact with the ghost of Marowak and defeat it.

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i already did that and i didnt get it
Are you playing on an emulator? If so, it could be just that it is messed up.
The steps are: Beat Team Rocket in Celadon, get the Silph Scope, go to Pokemon Tower in Lavender, beat Marowak, defeat Team Rocket and save Mr. Fuji, talk to Mr. Fuji, make sure you have space in your bag, he'll give you the PokeFlute.
If one of these steps fails to happen, then the game is messed up.
oh i got it. i guess i didnt have room.after i read what your answer i decided to talk to mr.fuji again and got it, so, thanks