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My Ditto's stats suck

Nature: Serious
Moveset: Transform (Obvious)

HP: 256
ATK: 116
DEF: 134
S.ATK: 114
S.DEF: 145
SPEED: 138

I can't even beat a Lv. 59 Sunkern

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  • Battle with it. It will gain EVs, as well as Levels.
  • Give it Vitamins.
  • Give it wings.

Your Ditto's stats suck because they are all at a low base 48. And Ditto copies Sunkern's stats, and Sunkern possesses the lowest base stat total.

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1. my Ditto is lv.100
2. i've maxed out its stats w/ items already
It's only stat that matters is HP, so max out that.