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i want to get some of my legendaries to my white 2


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You trade them like normal Pokemon if you go to the Union Room (which is the first room on the left at the top off the Pokemon Center) you can trade them there but you need two DS's.
Another plus side is they can be traded back as long as they stay in Gen 5.

Hope this helps.

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I answered again because my first question disapeared @[email protected]
Better than the union room is infrared because you can only trade what's on your team I think and with infrared you can trade directly from your PC
no you can trade directly from your pc in the union room too i've done it loads of times
infrared is still better in my opinion
TBB is right. You can do inerfraid anywhere! Even in the Elite 4.
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You trade between them. All the games from Generation 5 can have Pokemon traded between.

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