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I want one and don't know how the best way is to approach it. It is appearing in area 1 I checked, just need to know the best combination of mud, bait and balls. It always runs on the first turn.


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Well, let's take a look.

>As with previous Safari Zones, Pokémon are made easier and harder to catch by modifying their catch rates. An escape rate is also given for each Pokémon that appear in the Great Marsh. The escape rates for Pokémon are the same for all Generation IV games, except that those who do not appear in the Great Marsh or the Johto Safari Zone do not have their escape rates defined in the relevant games.
At the start of an encounter, both rates are set to their species defaults. Throwing Bait will lower the escape rate by one stage, but will also have a 90% chance of lowering the catch rate by one stage. Conversely, throwing Mud will raise the catch rate by one stage, but will also have a 90% chance of raising the escape rate by one stage. Stages for catch rates and escape rates work identically to stat stages: they may not be raised above +6 or below -6, where 0 is the starting stage. The stage multipliers applied to the catch rates and escape rates are also identical to that of stat stages.
At the end of each turn, a random number between 0 and 255 is generated, and if it is less than the modified stat stage, the Pokémon escapes.

Your BEST shot would be to throw mud then immediately use a Safari Ball.

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what I do is throw bait then toss balls at it because if you throw mud it will flee and too many baits will make it harder to catch

Thank you so much I caught one.
Thank you that helped a lot but I have to give the best answer to Mew :3
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Ah, tropius,

White-Delicious fruits grew out from around its neck because it always ate the same kind of fruit. Yours truly, the DB.

The only place it's located is the great marsh a.k.a. the safari zone

Next time, look this up here at the Db when you need to find something

EDIT TO YOUR DESCRIPTION I DIDN'T LOOK AT: Just keep trying and you will eventually get it. You can jsut trade, too.

yes, but how to catch it if it runs on the first turn