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  • Go into Mt.Coronet from either entrance, but it's best if you go in
    from the celestic town side.
  • You will need a Pokemon with Strength, as you come in from the
    Celestic town side go straight up, where you will find the boulder
    where you need strength.
  • Then keep going up and until reach reach a wall in front of you, then turn left and then go down the stairs.
  • Now you will need Rock Climb, as soon as you go down the stairs you will be in another room and you will need Rock Climb to go down since there are no stairs.
  • Then there is only 1 way to go so follow all of it, then when you reach the end of it you should find some stairs, go down and you will find more stairs go down again.
  • Rock climb the rocks again
  • Then turn right and go straight and turn left and go through the entrance and you should be B.1 of Mt.Coronet.
    (You should look at the link for the pictures)
    Source: Experience and http://www.psypokes.com/dp/gamemaps.php?map=mtcoronet
    Hope I helped!
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