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ok, so I'm somewhere around the basement of mt. coronet on my bike. I'm going too fast, and I end up in a room. but its different from all the other rooms in mt. coronet. it has a blue-violet tint to it, and in the center is a nevermeltice. the left and right of the entrance has a rock on it. I looked on bulbapedia and I couldn't find the nevermeltice or the room on the mt. coronet page. so, is this a ghost room?

edit: ok, this is weird. I cant find any Pokemon in the room either! somethings definetly up

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I found it too, it's legit.
NeverMeltIce: Inside Regice's cave near Route 216 entrance, Platinum.
You used Strength to get there, right? If so, it's legit.

that was quick. im impressed :)
Edited. :)
BTW, Bulbapedia had it on there. :P
i must have browsed through too quickly. d'oh! X(