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Since Mt. Coronet is the borderline between East Sinnoh and West Sinnoh, what form would Shellos and Gastrodon be? NOTE: I don't use AR any more.

I dont think they made shellos/gastrodon green in the east, pink in the west
They probably programmed so that if places where shellos/gastrodon are at
the east, green will come out in that area and if west, pink will come out there

Though they are the same pokemon, they have different programming
So I think you have to choose the color yourself
That's the Question: What Form(Color) would it be?
You have to choose the color/code yourself
I'd guess random :P
I will try this ;)

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Well. there are different codes for the east and west gastrodon. So when you enter the code you chose if you want East or West. Which means that you decide which form you wanna battle.

Hope I helped