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My Shellos had water type hidden power. It just evolved and now its hidden power was "not very effective" to a Steelix. What Happened? Is it because it evolved?

EDIT: I just Checked, His hidden power is now pschic. WHY!?

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Hidden Power is based solely on IVs and not on the pokemon's type. Otherwise every pokemon of the same type would have the same hidden power and that's not the case.

The IVs shouldn't change on evolution... are you sure the Hidden Power was Water before? Maybe you evolved a different Shellos to the one that was HP water?

(Or, if you're using a ROM there could be something wrong with it.)

Well, I did get it on ebay. And yes, imsure it was wtaer. Are you sure type doesnt effect. Weird.
I checked several guides and they all say Hidden Power is determined solely from IVs, which never change once you've caught the pokemon.
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I do believe Hidden Power is effected by IVs and Typing: IVs determine the power, and the type of the user determines the type of the attack.

So when Shellos evolved into Gastrodon, the Ground typing it gained changed the attack type.

K, thx, how can I find the hidden powers power?
it is not, it is affected solely on IVs
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