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Ah btw I'm asking for Platinum currently. I don't think it's the Hall where Palkia and Dialga is, since you can use the PokeRadar there. I really want to chain Absol sometime...

Is it the snowy, yet a bit grassy area with a few rock-climbing spots? My memory is a little blurry about that place since I haven't visited it in a while.

im gonna look into this
Summit in the sense the top of the mountain. I guess it is the same hall where you enter to the hall where you encounter giratina or something.
did you mean distortion world ?
Yeah distortion world sry
The official guides say the "summit" is the mountainside that is not really the summit. I don't know why they said that.

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Actually, I believe that the summit for coronet is the spear pillar itself. However, Absol can be found in the outdoor snowy areas. Here is a video showing where Absol can be found. Iirc, that is the second to the last outdoor area before the final climb to spear pillar

If you're looking for the actual summit as in spear pillar, then here is how you get to it. Spear pillar is just a few more twists and turns after the area Absol is found

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oh, you already answered... well im not gonna answer it then