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King Whip @ Miracle seed
Lvl 80
Careful Nature
Nuvema Town
Met at lvl 5
Likes to thrash about.
HP: 222
Atk: 188
Def: 185
Sp. Atk: 121
Sp. Def: 195
Spd: 228
What is with that speed being higher than my Serperior's hp?

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Couple reasons:

  • Serperior's base 113 Speed stat is higher than its base 75 Speed.
  • You might have EV trained on HP (probably Audinos).
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Thanks mew. I think I trained it on a couple of audino's in the past.
-Its base 113 Speed is higher than its base 75 Speed.
-Its Speed stat might be higher because you EV trained in HP.