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I have got The Mystery Gift selection bar at the menu.
How do I get the Aure Flute without wi-fi cause I don't have wi-fi.

Please help

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Unfortunately there is no other way.
(I think Gamestop or Toys'r'us had event where they gave out Arceus but that was a long time ago.)

One thing you can do is get a Action Replay for your DS and input the codes you want.

I know about the action replay but what's the code for it?
What is action replay?
It is an evil hacking device.
Evil Hacking Device!?Yikes!
Lol you can get them at toys'r'us.
They did give out arceus a long time ago, but the azure flute wasn't what they gave away, they gave away an arceus like they gave away the shiny dogs & Celebi not so long ago.
I heard action replay messes up your game. But your pokemon game, or the DS itself? because at this point I'm kind of desperate to get him.
@Oriodian, it doesn't necessarily mess up the system or the game. I've used them before when I was younger and more naïve—and I've regretted my decision ever since, because I then found out by doing so I was cheating—and it never jacked the game or system before, with the exception of HGSS.