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By settings, l mean changes in moves, stats, etc.
Like how Hypnosis' accuracy changes (60 to 70 or something?) through Generations.
I'm sorry if l'm being very vague, and it's difficult to give an example.

+EDIT: See the Hypnosis page; and how the accuracy is 70% instead of 60% in other games. What will happen in battles?

(This question only applies to D/P/Pt/HG/SS)

(+) Like, weren't there a few changes in moves, abilities, or stats from D/P/Pt to HG/SS, and when you battle on Wi-Fi, doesn't the game apply D/P/Pt changes instead?

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Please explain better if you can.

2 Answers

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Not at all! The Settings will not change to Diamond/Pearl settings because HG/SS has the same settings as those games. The Black and White settings will stay like they are in Game. Hope this helps and please tell me if this is wrong or Right...

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In link battles between Diamond and Pearl and other versions, the accuracy is set to 60%.

I hope this resolves the question.