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You can check out there available Pokemon in the Pokedex pages here: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/game/platinum

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In gameplay, there is a number of differences. I'll tell you, I have a great memory of Platinum. xP

  • In Twinleaf Town, there are snow patches spread around the town.
  • You have to verse Crasher Wake before Fantina. (Or, at least, one gym leader before another, anyway.)
  • Half of the gym puzzles are different. (Crasher Wake, Candice, Byron and Roark have the same gyms as in DP)
  • Nearly every city in Sinnoh has been changed, if it were the roads, the decorations, anything.
  • Misdreavus is not present in the Lost Tower. (xD)
  • In the Pokemon League rooms, there has been a bit more effort decorating them.
  • There is a Distortion World you can access.
  • Dialga and Palkia will be in different places in the Wayback Tunnel (or something like that)
  • Pokemon's sprites have been changed a bit.
  • Gym Leaders now have animated sprites.
  • The trainer's sprite (overworld and face-to-face) changes
  • There is now a BATTLE FRONTIER! :D
  • The Pokemon League's Pokemon get tougher (-.-')
  • A few more National Pokemon have been added to the Sinnoh Pokedex (more to catch! Happy rainbows xD)
  • The little 'bars' in battling (you know, the bars that show the Pokemon's team, HP and EXP) are now black with white text.
  • The star of the game is Giratina
  • You get to rebattle the gym leaders and Elite Four.

Um... I know there's more, and I know I've gotten a little detailed. :P
Soz about that. I just miss that game so much. :')
Can't see myself restarting it any time soon though. Hm. ;(

Hope I helped. :)

I beat all the Elite 4 with just my Empoleon in Platnium, but just when I got to Cynthia, the 'Champion' , all my moves had low pp so I lost -.-'

I only won because of a elixir I found in a cave.
Thanks for your answer. Think I'm gonna restart with either Piplup or Chimchar, not sure yet. I might not even restart this but restart White.
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In Diamond, you find Dialga, in Pearl, you find Palkia, and in Platinum you find Giarantina ( or however you spell it).

It's spelled: Giratina :)
lawl :3
you find the other legends another time, another place