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Sorry about the vague title (Not sure on how to describe it), but can someone tell me why this is? During a battle after you select a move, the bottom screen will have a pokeball. Sometimes when you touch the bottom screen while its there, it turns brighter for a split second then goes back to normal this happens in P and PT (I don't have D). Why is this?

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it happens in hg/ss too. I think it's just to show off the touch screen introduced to the ds
It's so you have something to do if you think the move animations are too boring.
@sumwun, can't you turn them off?
I always pressed that button, loved to do so.
@Madness If someone turned them off, then he/she/it won't get as much time to tap the Poke ball button.
@SeeYaLater ikr it's so entertaining

@sumwun yes that is a very good point. And who wouldn't want to tap the pokeball :p

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The bright 'flash' means you did an action. It's the equivalent of pressing A. If you have the volume up you'll also hear a short sound.

It usually happens when there is dialog on the top screen, with a small triangle indicating there is more. One instance it happens is at the start of a battle when it says "A wild [Pokemon name] appeared!" In older games you'd skip through it by pressing A, but in Gen 4 you can tap the bottom screen instead (and later games, but I don't know whether they all have the flash).

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I suppose there is not a definite reason, but the two comments provided seem reason enough. Seeing as these three games were a sensation in there time as an introduction to the world of the DS (which stands for dual screen), the touchscreen factor of the DS was widely admired and, as LightRoserade's comment presented, was being emphasized. Another, rather simple explanation for this is as sumwun suggested, a thing to do in between animations, for people who didn't find them extremely fascinating.