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I hate grinding

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Probably DP or none of them. Also, I love to grind!

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Platinum. For one, a lot of the trainers were nerfed in PT, including gym leaders/Some elite four. so if your just wanting the easier game I would go with platinum. Personally though, if your wanting to buy either/or, I Would go with D/P because in my opinion I liked the challenge in them. Though neither requires much grinding at all, (you can slip by under leveled for most of the game untill Elite 4) of the grinding you might need to do would be in D/P.

Source: I own both games and used to play them a lot before I got a 2DS XL.

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The only time I needed to grind was for Gardina (I chose piplup) and the Elite 4.
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None of the core series games, including DPPt, require any grinding. You can beat the game pretty easily just by choosing Chimchar or Piplup and using no other Pokemon (so all your experience goes into overleveling the starter). DPPt speedrunners can beat the game in less than 4 hours by doing this.

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You should have no trouble grinding, as previously stated, in any of the main series games, simply because the developers try to avoid it. So long as you attempt to battle most, if not all of the trainers you encounter throughout the game, you should have no trouble with any of the battles. You should try to avoid intentionally avoiding trainers, for the experience is immensely helpful. However, some grinding may have to be done before facing certain Gym Leaders based on your choice of Pokémon. Quite a bit of grinding will also have to be done in almost every game however upon reaching the Pokémon League.

Now back to the question... Platinum is indeed a game that requires less grinding. As (once again) previously stated, the entire game difficulty was basically scaled back, and the story was sped up, due to the slower nature of Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. It allowed for a more enjoyable experience. If you are not a fan of grinding, I would recommend playing Platinum over D/P, though I will stress that the difference is rather minor, and all games are excellent.

The infamous Victory Road was actually put in place for the player to in fact grind. The common rock types found in these caves were meant to benefit any player, providing a type disadvantage to the three starter types Grass, Water, and... Fighting? Yup, Fighting, the most common secondary type to the Fire starter. Ever thought why?