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On platinum talk to professor oak in Eterna city, after that he says they are roaming in sinnoh. So you have to find them, they are just like entei, raikou, and suicune in that they are roaming pokemon, and they are at level 60.

Now I will have 5 roaming Pokemon to track down.
You can use the repel method to find them faster.
Where in Eterna City is he...
I can't find him.
He's in a building in the bottom left corner. Just fly to the pokemon center, go down until you see the building for the next route, then go left into the last small blue house on the left.
What about in parl?
They aren't in diamond/pearl.
Thank you. That means I have all of them.
did u forget that it requires national dex/poke radar to get them? and they are in pal park?

sorce: a video told me