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I wonderd this in the car...


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No, except for the fact that they all share one of the same typing and are legendary.
Ice- Kyurem and Articuno
Fire- Reshiram and Moltres
Electric- Zekrom and Zapdos

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kyreum isnt confirmed to be a part of the trio...
Actually first off Zekrom thunder and dragon Zapdos just thunder, and so on and second the legendary dragon trio is Dialga,Palkia and giratina. just saying
No but I was thinking that in the tags, he said ZEKROM, RESHIRAM, and KYUREM. And Zapdos is electric and FLYING and so on.
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No.Just they are both a legendary trio.

@ Ike,Lloyd Irving
 Aztually Dialga,Palkia, and Giratina, in my opinion, is a trio of deities, so in a way they are superior to a dragon trio, since in all references i.e. show, movies, and game, they are refered to as deiies not just dragons. and how else would they be able to control Time, Space, and Antimatter respectively? answer: cause they are, in a way gods.

 sinnoh deity chain: Arceus=Creator
               Palkia=creator of the dimensions of space. lesser to arceus
               Dialga=creator of temporal dimensions. lesser to arceus
               Giratina= creator of antimatter. banished to the Distorted world. lesser to Arceus
               uxie=shaper of human knoledge.lesser to arceus
               Mespirit=shaper of human emotion. lesser to arceus
               Azelf=shaper of human willpower. lesser to arceus

Also in unova there are three trios. there is the dragon hero trio: Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyrum
the trio of the winds: Tornadus,Thundurus, and Landorus
and the swordsmen: Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion
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as to my previous comment, dialga, palkia, and giratina are the Creation Trio, not the Dragon trio. and zekrom, reshiram, and kyurem are all parts of the Tao trio, according to bulbapedia.