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Zapdos is said to bring powerful summer thunderstorms, moltres brings the warmth of spring and articuno brings harsh winter blizzards. So where is the bird who brings on autumn, or why isn't there one?

i beleive its ho-oh
I thought ho-oh was associated with the sky and rainbows and the burnt tower story/trio.
yeah youre right sorry

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Moltres brings warmth in the coming of Spring
Zapdos brings the Summer storms, powerful and strong
Articuno rises with the harsh cold and a howling blizzard

In Autumn these three rest.

Zapdos ceases his storms as he finds his nest.
It then grows steadily colder as Articuno begins to wake.

This transition is called Fall, as the weather becomes colder and the
trees begin to drop their leaves.

Articuno’s awakening can be told by the first snowfall.

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This is what I came up with, it sort of fits the trio and the cycle of seasons so I hope this answers your question
Good answer. ☺
just wow
In other words, there is no autumn bird .
Why not Pidgey its equally awsome
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Autumn comes because the the beasts (Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno) are fighting to make it cold, hot, or stormy. During that time, they fight for total control of weather.