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I have met up with Articuno in Y and Zapdos in X, several times. Every time they run away! Why are they here, when or how do you catch them and how can I track them?

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You can track them by encountering them once, then look inside your Pokedex for their location.
When you look inside their location in their Pokedex entry, you can find where it is , and go there to meet it. after meeting it 12 times, it will rest at the Sea Spirit's Den. Go there and battle it. You can choose to kill it or catch it.(it's really your choice :P)

"You can choose to kill or catch it"... Dat puff~... Pokemon dont die, they faint.
everybody says that you kill a pokemon when you defeat it, just because nobody likes saying "faint"
Ir's not killing, it's "defeating"
Thx guys!
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After encountering them, you must encounter them a total of 12 times. Then, you can go to Sea Spirit's Den in Azure Bay, and catch them there.