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Please tell in your answer all the tiers.

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Tiers are used to keep competitive battling balanced. If there were none, people would be using Arceus and other Legendary Pokemon in every battle, and that wouldn't be fun now, would it?

Overused (OU) 56pkmns
Borderline (BL) 4pkmns
Underused (UU) 57pkmns
Borderline 2 (BL2) 3pkmns
Rarelyused (RU) 59pkmns
Neverused (NU) 203pkmns
Little Cup (LC) 212pkmns
Limbo 1pkmns
Not Fully Evolved (NFE) 51pkmns


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Can you please include all the tiers in this and what they mean?
just a min.
Ok sounds good.
Forgot uber which holds pretty much all legendaries except for kyurem B