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I've tried looking up the answer for this question but have failed to find a question and answer.

If I have a Pokemon with a certain ability(e.g. Aipom(M) with Pick-Up) and breed it with a Ditto, will I have a Pokemon with the same ability as that Aipom(M) or the female surrogate Ditto who would have the other ability of Aipom?

Also, I've tried to test this theory if the male's ability would be passed down if it breeds with a ditto by having a Aipom(M) with Run Away breed with ditto, but it ended up being a Aipom with Pick-Up, not Run Away. Thank-You.

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>When breeding with non-Hidden Ability females in Black 2 and White 2, there is an 80% chance that the Ability slot of the female will be passed to the baby. For example, when breeding a female Venomoth with Shield Dust, the resultant Venonat has an 80% chance of having Compoundeyes rather than Tinted Lens. This change does not apply if Ditto is used as either parent. Hidden Ability breeding is same as it is in Black and White.

Females pass down abilities, and if Ditto is used, the change does not apply.


So does this mean you're screwed if one of the parents is genderless? TT-TT Bronzor... I have failed you!
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if you're trying for a particullar nature, and a female with the correct ABILITY is born before you get the nature you want, just swap it in for ditto in the daycare. This will activate this feature. Of course, this will NEVER happen if the ability you're aiming for is the hidden ability, becasue males just DO NOT pass on hidden abilities.