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I recently hatched 3 Riolu's. Two have Drain Punch, one has Earthquake. Should I get rid of these moves, evolve my drain punch Riolu's into tanks and the earthquake one into a Garchomp, or get rid of them? (And when I said turn my earthquake Riolu into a Garchomp, I meant that metaphorically, not literally.)

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I think you should keep the all 3. The drain punches can help if you run a life orb moveset. Plus the earthquake can be very powerful and can defeat annoying types like rocks whith their strong defense.It also depends on their stats and how powerful each on is, whith their IVs and Evs and Natures or even abilities.

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Well it depends on what you want to use them for, and their natures/IVs. If they are +Atk or -SAtk then yeah keep them. But since riolu evolves into Lucario whose SAtk is higher than his Atk and it has a +SAtk or -Atk nature, then get rid of the moves. Earthquake and Drain Punch are both TMs though, so you can always reteach.

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Drain Punch is only a TM in Gen 4. Where TMs are not unlimited.