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My team is Crobat, Luxray, Gabite, Houndoom, Gallade, and Torterra. I am playing Pokemon Platinum.

Get rid of Gabite. It shares a ground type and a quadruple ice weakness with Torterra.

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Garchomp, while a very good Pokemon, is unnecessary with this team. Dragon can only cover Dragon super effectively, and there aren't too many Dragon types in the game. Torterra should be your Ground type of choice. It also seems it'll take longer to get your Gabite up to speed with the rest of the team. You don't need two Ground types, and in this case, Torterra is better. Get rid of Gabite and replace it with the Water type you choose.

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thank you so much! i had garchomp on there because i was afraid of cynthia's. i think floatzel would be a good water type for me.
No problem! Floatzel is one of the best Water types for Platinum, good choice.
I think Floatzel is better against Cynthia's Garchomp because it's faster and isn't weak to dragon.
And it can learn Ice Beam