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I would like 3 examples, please.

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Golem: Excellent Defense, can learn Rest, Substitute and Toxic.
Aggron: Can learn Toxic, Sandstorm, Substitute, Rest, and Thunder Wave. Sky-High Defense.
Claydol: Great Def AND SpeD, can learn Light Screen, Rest, etc.
Basically, any Rock Type and most Steel Types will do. Grumpig also has a fair amount of Def.

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Poke/ I answered your rmt q completly.
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  • Shuckle. Base 230 Def and SDef. The HP stat is pretty lame though.
  • Umbreon. Base 110 Def, 130 SDef, and base 95 HP.
  • Suicune. Base 100 HP, and base 115 defenses.
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