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For those who don't know, A wall Pokemon is sort of like the defense of the team. Tanking damage and either dishing out more damage, setting up stelth rocks or spikes or just tanking hits in general. Is their any good wall Pokemon for Black and White? Beacuse I've recently wanted to replay it ever since it first came out.


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I think the best walls in the game are Throh and Scrafty.

Availability: Early-game (Pinwheel Forest (Outer), 10% White, 5% Black (rustling grass)).
Typing: Fighting typing lets Throh take on Lenora, Brycen, Grimsley, N, and Ghetsis well, though it loses to Shauntal and Caitlin.
Stats: Throh possesses high Attack and HP along with good Defense and Special Defense, but it is rather slow.
Movepool: It will have Seismic Toss upon being caught and, based on level, Vital Throw (otherwise learned at level 17). More damaging moves in the form of Revenge, Storm Throw, and Body Slam are at levels 21, 25, and 29, respectively. Bulk Up comes at level 33 and Superpower at level 49. TM-wise, it can be taught Brick Break (outclassed by Storm Throw) and Rock Slide. Payback via TM helps Throh do well against Shauntal.
Major Battles: Throh is really useful against Lenora. It also sweeps all Gym Leaders, even Skyla and onwards, thanks to Bulk Up. Against the Elite Four, it can sweep Grimsley and Marshal reliably, while Shauntal has her team swept by Throh, minus Cofagrigus, if you heal it up a few times. It is also useful against N and Ghetsis, as it can take down a few of their Poémon easily.
Additional Comments: Throh is good for most major fights, but it is overall dependent on many Bulk Up boosts, which becomes problematic at the Pokémon League. In White, you can find a level 17 Throh fairly easily by going into dark grass with a level 17 Pokémon in the lead and using a Repel. Throh generally can set up only 2-3 Bulk Ups at most, as its low Speed means that it will often take a hit before doing anything.

Availability: Early-game (20% chance to appear in Route 4).
Typing: Although it struggles with Skyla, Scraggy's typing allows it to beat Brycen and all of the Elite Four members barring Marshal.
Stats: Scraggy has good Attack and defensive stats, which can be buffed by Eviolite. Its Speed will eventually cause it problems as a Scrafty, but you should have Speed EVs to outspeed some slower threats.
Movepool: Its only STAB move is Faint Attack until it learns Brick Break at level 20. It can be taught Payback at level 23 to take advantage of its low Speed. High Jump Kick at level 31 and Crunch at level 38 are its strongest STAB moves. TM-wise, it can be taught Work Up and Rock Slide.
Major Battles: Excepting Burgh's Leavanny and Skyla, Scraggy does well against every Gym Leader, although it needs Eviolite for all of them as a Scraggy. It also does well against every Elite Four member bar Marshal and is useful against N and Ghetsis.
Additional Comments: The combination of a strong movepool and good typing that threatens a lot of major opponents makes Scraggy a very good choice for a run of the games. Always use one with Moxie over Shed Skin.


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You don't need a wall in-game. Hyper offense is the way to go, and setting up hazards/stalling is a waste of time. However, there's two pretty solid walls you can get.

Jellicent is very easy to find, and it gets several great moves, like Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Hex, and Recover. Water Absorb is a very nice Ability, and Cursed Body isn't half bad either. It can also get Scald, Surf, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Sludge Wave, and more.

Jellicent @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
- Scald / Will-O-Wisp
- Hex / Shadow Ball
- Recover
- filler

A prime wall ever since its introduction, Ferrothorn is incredibly defensive, if a bit slow. It gets hazards, Thunder Wave, Gyro Ball, Power Whip, and a great Ability in Iron Barbs. You find Ferroseed around the midgame, and it's worth it if you want a wall -- which obviously you do.

Ferrothorn @ Leftovers
Ability: Iron Barbs
- Power Whip
- Gyro Ball
- Thunder Wave
- Ingrain / Strength / really anything

Again, you don't need a wall at all in-game. Go hyper offense, with Pokemon like Excadrill and Darmanitan, and you'll be just fine.

Hope I helped!