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My team is very squishy and I need a wall to take hits

List any movesets that would help with the chosen Pokemon

Try this question: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/152824/good-wall-tank-sweeper-in-black-2. It should give you what you need.
Use Magnezone. It has decent defenses, resists almost everything, and can one-shot almost everything.
Ferrothorn and Amoonguss
I think those aren't as good because they have lower attack stats and slow down the game. If he/she/it doesn't care about time, then any Pokemon can grind to level 100 and sweep everything.

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Name: Magnemite
Availability: Magnemite can be found in the Virbank Complex interior with a 25% chance.
Stats: Has a great Special Attack stat, with decent physical bulk to back it up. Its special bulk is passable, but not amazing.
Typing: Steel/Electric is arguably the holy grail of defensive typings, with resistances to everything bar four types, though its Ground- and Fighting-type weaknesses are fairly common. Offensively, this typing is adequate and is complimented by Magnemite's stats and movepool.
Movepool: Magnemite comes with Sonicboom, a godsend earlygame that can 2HKO everything. Aside from that, it has Thundershock, and later Mirror Shot. Magnemite doesn't get any good STAB moves until Flash Cannon, but it can hold on with STAB Volt Switch, Thunder, and a tutored Signal Beam. Thunder Wave can provide nice utility if you need to cripple a threat.
Major Battles: Magnemite steamrolls over Roxie, Burgh, Skyla, and Marlon by virtue of its typing alone. It helps a lot against Drayden, but needs to watch out for coverage moves such as Earth Power. Its Pokemon League performance is acceptable where it easily beats Pokemon weak to its STAB coverage and walls a lot of others, but should keep away from Marshall and other Pokemon with SE coverage.
Additional Comments: Sturdy is the better ability as it guarantees that Magnemite can survive attacks to respond, while Magnet Pull hardly ever comes into play.