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As in say a mixed toxapex or a def toxapex and sp def clefable.
In general, and say that you have 2 Pokemon with weak def and 2 with weak sp def, so it's even and you have space for 2 walls if needed

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Running mixed defenses on anything is generally a poor idea. You can't expect one Pokemon to be able to wall everything, especially when its stats are spread thin with mixed defensive EVs. What's most important is that your walls have synergy with the rest of your team.
Depends on what the rest of your team is
skarmory + blissey was pretty popular back in gen 3 / 4
What format/rules are you asking about?
Well, it was overall, but gen 8 ou specificlly if it helps
I don't think you should ever have exactly one wall. Either you play hyper offense with no walls or balance or defensive with multiple walls. If you decide to use walls, then the best EV spread depends on which walls you choose. For example, Corviknight wants exactly 28 physical defense EVs to survive Rillaboom's superpower after one swords dance.

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Neither. You don't go around making walls just for the fun of it. What you need to do is check your current team. Which type of walls does it need, which mons syngergize with the rest and more importantly, can you afford to spare two slots for your walls?

I've said this in an answer to a mixed attacker question but I'm too lazy to find it so I'll just re type what I mentioned. Whenever you're building a team, always check what it needs and find mons that could plug that hole. If there is a mixed wall that synergize with the rest of you're team then go for it. If you can afford to spare two slots for your walls and you found two mons that work well with the others, then use it

Bottomline is, always check first with the rest of the team and see what you can work with

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So basically, there is no in general, it always depends. Thanks ks!