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and I also have hydreigon who is also weak in fighting what do you think? should I keep the three Pokemon (Hydreigon, Blissey and Snorlax)


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they would both work in their own ways, snorlax can be bred to know the zen headbutt move, and blissey can be bred to have seismic toss now, so it can defend itself nicely. they both have decent attacks. the hydreigon is a bit overkill, three walls? but, if in competitions, rotate snorlax and blissey out, and pair either with hydreigon. most who go against Hydreigon often discount it's dark-type half, that gives it hidden advantage, just watch out for the fairies!!!

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if I was you I would toss out blissey bad ph defense for klefki (with prankster) holding a focus shash use subsitute, then light screen, then reflect when snorlax comes out his defense are up by 2 and he can put in work,
if you use blissy you got to be carefull and need to know minimize, and softboil with its ability sernece grace, with fire blast( that will give you a 60 percent chance of a burn) cutting the ph attack in half

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Well, technically they are all good Pokémon and if you need walls then keep them for the moment. This may help you decide.

Why you should keep them

  • They are both great Pokémon and don't deserve to go.
  • They are excellent walls.
  • As long as you have cover for them (eg: A Psychic type) them go ahead and keep them.

Why you Shouldn't keep them

  • You have a major weakness using them
  • You don't really need two walls
  • Unless your other team Pokémon counter Fighting your pretty much toast.

So read those pointers, think about your team and you'll know what to do.

As a personal idea, I would get rid of Blissey for a different Pokémon and just have two weaknesses to Fighting (Hydregion and Snorlax).

Hope I helped!=]

And Blissey has virtually  no physical defence, even with all that HP
Yup. No arguments here! Blissey should probably go
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Nope. You should not use that many Pokémon weak to fighting. 3 Weaknesses means Conkeldurr will enjoy the mass Mach-Punching on this team.
First of all, use Chansey > Blissey for the extra defense in Eviolite. You are really not missing a lot in 5 HP lost, for the better defense Chansey offers. Chansey will take Special Hits like nobody can, but will have a hard time fighting Physical Pokémons. You are right, this this is stupid because both Pokemon are weak to fighting Pokemon.
As for Snorlax, do not use it at all. His glory time has gone. Sure, with Thick Fat, it gets good resistance, but its defense stat is a disadvantage if your goal is to wall. Snorlax lacks a recovery move bar Rest, which will either cost you Sleep Talk, Chesto Berry or 2 turns. If you want a physical wall, then Skarmory is your buddy, resisting Fighting and sporting a nice 140 base defense.
As for Hydreigon, it is a good choice, because it can defend Chansey from Psyshock and strike back very easily.
Yes. Ignore both Blissey and Snorlax, prefer Chansey and Skarmory if you really want walls.
Hope this helps.