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I know they are different pokemon with completely different roles but Im really stuck on which one of these steel types fits into my team. I am lacking a physical wall in my team but also want an electric type as well. I know magnezone has those crippling weaknesses but can it still work as an effective tank? I was wondering because hes a steel type with the most resistances in the whole game of 13 but those common weaknesses pretty much cancels it out. Skarmory can work but i already have a flying type in my team but i lack a physical wall. He can be my lead to start spiking but i have another lead pokemon that uses stealth rock. So which one is better for my team(gengar,mamoswine,gyarados,breloom, and houndoom)
This is pretty much what i needed:
-A steel type that is either levitating or flying( This is a little irrelevant but I wanted to make my team a bit entertaining with some interesting variations)
-A steel type that can take hits.
PS:for soul silver

i meant 12 resistances and 1 immunity, i keep them together for some reason

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Has a great 130 base spatk and as you said it has I think it's 12 resistances and 1 immunity 2 if using magnet rise
That makes him a hard hitting tank
Use thunderbalt flash cannon magnet rise and hidden power water maybe

If you want to use entry hazards go for skarmory which can pull off spikes and stealth rock as well as phaze

I like to use @leftovers 252hp 4def 252spdef
Brave bird spikes s-rock and sub you could always use roost as well

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thanks, and oh yea I really want to use magnezone but his silly looking appearance was what always drew me back from using him, though this is pretty off topic for a competitive battle..lol
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Bold TEXT = What I would use

Magnezone @ Air Balloon (Gen5) Light Clay (Gen4)
Role: Tanker
Calm nature
170 Def, 170 SAtk, 170 SDef (Change these up any way you want them, make them close to equal.)
Flash Cannon/Reflect
HP Ice
Light Screen

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Gen 4 team air balloon not avalable
Ive always made him calm nature to bring up his sp def and can ev train his already high def and sp attack all together so he can be a mixed tank. Its kind of similar to brozongs except brozong has better defenses and less weaknesses but magnezone has better sp attack
I knew I was missing something
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I would choose Skarmory, because not only is it a flying type, which cancels out the ground weakness, it can learn moves like Fly and Metal Wing which are pretty powerful... So that's my opinion.

never use fly in competative battleing its useless it just gives the opponent a chance to switch out or use moves like thunder - skarmory is used for spikes ect
However, it CAN learn Brave Bird.