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Movesets not needed as this is for Doubles and that affects movesets.

Role, Defensive Wall + Partner/team Support
Sand Team

Thank you.


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Well, I would go with Gliscor

Gliscor @ Toxic orb
Or Leftovers If you have Toxic on one of your other pokes But idk if that is a good Idea :/
Trait: Poison Heal ^ Says it all

EVs EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 Atk
Nature Jolly


Tailwind (You need a supp? This is the move for you)
Earthquake (STAB)
Facade (Toxic orb Power Yay!)
Protect (You know why)

Hope it helps

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Ok so with the team we had Gliscor works better. Thanks Jof for the moveset.
You're welcome! Mr.K
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Kinda depends on the rest of your team as well, but the basic idea is Gliscor for Toxic stall, Skarmory for hazards set up.

Skarmory's also harder to get rid of, with sturdy and no x4 weaknesses. Gliscor's x4 Ice weakness means a non-STAB Ice Beam or HP Ice will OHKO it.

I would personally go for Skarmory if you don't have Forretress or Ferrothorn already, and instead have Sheer Force Landorus instead of Gliscor.

Hazards arent the best thing in Doubles, but that was my thought as well.
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well I would go for gliscor for great healing give him a toxic orb and protect then vola you have a healer but if it is to just take more and more attacks go for scarm although it has lower sdef