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So, I was making an In-Game team made for defense, and so far I have Bastidon, Blissey, Ferrothorn and Steelix... But, would a Skarmory work for defense, or is it not a good defensive Pokémon? If possible, please give a good moveset to help this Pokémon.


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Skarmory is a great defensive Pokemon. (jeez, don't make your team mono-steel...)

This is what I run, to attack powerfully after setting up hazards. Don't be hating on the item, it works. But you could always use Lefties.

Skarmory @ Flying Gem
Trait: Sturdy
Adamant/Impish Nature
Stealth Rock
Brave Bird

I'm not giving EVs since this is in-game.

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Ok, thanks .(And it isn't entirely going to be mono-steel.. Just three steel and the others being other types.)
k, thanks for BA.
Your welcome! ^-^