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It knows Fly, Rock Slide, Toxic, and Iron Defence.


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Well, here's what I would do, it involves quite few changes, though.

First, Brave Bird>Fly. This is obviously in-game, so if you need to keep Fly, that's understandable.
Second, Iron Defense is OK, but you might want to switch it for Stealth Rock.
Third, to answer you original question, no, Automatize is rarely a good idea. I can understand that it would lessen the damage from Low Kick, but for Skarmory, it's not a good idea in the long run.
Rock Slide is an OK move, and if you want to keep it instead of adding Spikes or something that's OK. It does cover Fire Types, and the flinch chance is nice.

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No prob!
For ingame, setting up hazards are kinda useless