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A strong physical wall is needed.
Fairy types seriously need to be dealt with.

Please can you answer in detail and list the pros and cons of each Pokemon. Thank You!

PS. Just in my case, this is my team already:

  1. Rotom Wash
  2. Mega-Absol
  3. Togekiss
  4. Chandelure
  5. Excadrill
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Metagross without a doubt.I'm commenting 'cuz I'm too lazy :P
I'd actually go with scizor IMO, he and rotom wreck

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metagross vs skramory

ok! lets take a look at the both of them


enter image description here

  • only 2 weakness
  • checks many popular threats in OU, notably dragonite, mamoswine and
  • acess to spikes, stealth rock and defog. making it one of the best
    hazard controllers in the game.
  • instant recovery with roost
  • great defence+decent sp.def
  • makes the possibly best core in OU by matching it up with blissey


  • could be the hands down best lead in OU with taunt, SR and spikes,
    but look: 70 base speed
  • rather frail HP, making it a very vulnerable to special attackers
  • the new defog mechanics does so its hard work setting up hazards disappears in case of a sticky-web emergency

    as you can see, skarmory have its pros and cons. an Autotomize set could stop its biggest drawback: poor speed, but honestly not worth it. lets take a look at number.2:


    enter image description here


  • very usefull STABS, including meteor mash and zen headbutt
  • (very unecepted and stops many very common leads, however: this is BW, B2W2)
  • one of the best assault vest users
  • its pseudo, so…
  • excellent typing leasing it with 10 recistanses


  • very slow W/O sticky web support
  • the steel nerf made it unable to counter what it used to, most notably T-tar
  • few coverage moves makes its only viable as a defensive Pokemon

the choice:

this might annoy you, but it depends on what you want. they have different roles, but look: metagross is pseudo, have a useful attack stat and access to the rare meteor mash, however: it lacks coverage and became less useful after the steel nerf, so I say, gen 5: metagross all the way, but skarmory has control on the hazards that have been very common with the new gen so i´d say
enter image description here

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if you want to set up stealth rocks/spikes then pick skarmory, he might be slow but with sturdy its garenteed ull get rocks down. he also has great defence. after you rocks down try getting spikes to.

Now metagross cant put down stealth rocks/spikes, but he is a tank. he has great attack(base 130) and great defence(base 135). he also has better movepool than skarmory. earthquake, zen headbutt, meteor mash, bullet punch(priority), hammer arm, etc.

If you want to put up stealth rocks than go with skarmory, but if you want something that can take hits and do a lot of damage pick metagross

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They have completely different purposes. Metagross is used as a tank or as a physical sweeper and Skarmory is used as a wall or for setting up entry hazards. So if your looking for a defensive wall I'd definitely recommend Skarmory.


Skarmory has amazing potential and in my opinion, easily a better choice than Metagross as a defensive wall. It has a Defence Stat of 140, a Special Defence Stat of 70 and not to mention the Ability Sturdy.

On top of this Skarmory only has two weaknesses compared to Metagross's four weaknesses. Skarmory also has two immunities, being Poison and Ground types respectively and resistances against 8 types (Normal, Flying, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Dragon and Fairy.) Even though Metagross has 9 resistance, Skarmory still has less weaknesses and an extra immunity.

Skarmory is also good in a support or lead role and has several notable moves, these include Stealth Rock, Spikes, Taunt, Whirlwind, Roost, Toxic and Brave Bird.

Overall if your looking for a good wall I'd recommend this move set:

Skarmory (M) @ Leftovers/ Shed Shell/ Custap Berry
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Impish (+ Defence, - Special Attack)
- Roost
- Stealth Rock
- Whirlwind/ Spikes/ Taunt/ Brave Bird

For more help deciding check out Smogon's page for Skarmory.

Hope I helped :)

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Skarm's special defense doesn't increase during sandstorm