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Okay. I'm actually thinking about this now. My first game was White 2 and it was literally catch, battle,evolve, battle, walk, walk, walk, battle, evolve etc...

But with my Y, I've thought about my team a little more and I've roughly sketched the outline of a team. Please tell me what these Pokemon can do eg: Your Jolteon can sweep better than it can tank so you don't need Espeon on your team etc... (Not saying anything true here, just modelling)

Ok so replacements on Pokemon would be good (Not Umbreon though.) but nevertheless, here we go! =]

  • Mega Charizard Y
  • Jolteon
  • Greninja
  • Pigeot (for fly)
  • Umbreon
  • (Help me decide on this one)

Hope you help! =]

I await the answer...
Awwwww, no answer yet!

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Charizard, Jolteon, Greninja and Pidgeot are all sweepers, being fast and powerful. Umbreon is vary much a wall.
If you want to take this team to the competative battlefield, Pidgeot needs to go. It's stats is just to bad to work properly. I would suggest replacing it with Trevenant or Gourgeis due to their good bulk and many type resists.
For the last member Excadrill would be a good fit. It's physical strength, many resists and tanky properties would all aid your team.
My reasoning for suggesting more tanks is because of the fratality of sweepers. A team with only one really bulky Pokemon is going to have a hard time switching and countering big offensive threats. Adding more bulk will allow you to take hits better and thus keep your sweepers alive for longer.
The reason for more physical Pokemon is to prevent you from being walled by special walls. It's often a good idea to have some balance if physical/special Pokemon. Mot having any physical will leave you walled by the likes of Blissey.

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Wynaut Aegislash? it has 4 weaknesses, but resists everything except for water and electric
Also, you might want to consider replacing pidgeot with Staraptor. It has much better stats and movepool
The reason for not suggesting those are the Electric weakness of the team. Just replacing a Flying/Normal with another Flying/ Normal wouldn't have improved the synergy at all. He also needed a way to actually kill of Electric, thus Excadrill>Aegislash.
Huh. I've never thought about it that way..yeah, this is why I normally stay off of the pokebase... so many fails
Hey, don't worry man, your reasoning is perfectly understandable.  You just need to see beyond mere replacing and look at all a teams members when deciding Pokemons.
I'm not sure how to say this without seeming hostile, or a n00b, but I DO understand team synergy. I just don't value it as much as other people. This is how my team in SS ended up with 3 fire types, 2 dragon types, and a rhyperior, thus meaning that I normally just use sheer force to win battles...
Excadrill? NO. I do not want it on my team, it seems to common and not royal. my pokemon are all about Majesty.
Yeah, ALL my movesets end up offensive, no matter WHAT the Pokémon is. But now I'm rethinking...
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mega charizard y is one of best sp attackers in fackt he has ability drought witch makes his fire type attacks double
pigeot can be replaced with charizard since charizard can learn move fly too
umbreon can be used as tank but there are better Pokemon than it like maybe magnezone
jolteon is normal sp attacker and fast but he has very low defence stat
you can use haxorus as your 6th Pokemon he is good attacker he has normal defense and he can learn move false swipe(lives Pokemon with at least 1 hp) , dragon dance and outrage

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No WAY am I Replacing Umbreon for Magnezne. Thats like replacing my Favourite Pokémon for my worst. And besides, Magnezone can be OHKO'd with a serperior not even double it's level.
I can replace Pigeot by teaching Charizaed fly, but then I have 2 empty slots in my team. Oh well. I'm asking a question for help with this now.
Haxorus is a good idea though