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I am currently in Pokemon BLack 2 at the entrance to Nimbasa City
Here's my Pokemon:

Lucario (M) Lvl 26
Work Up (30 pp)
Quick Attack (30 pp)
Force Palm (10 pp)
Metal Sound (40 pp)
HP is 74
Attack is 71
Defense is 45
Sp. Attack is 67
Sp. Defense is 41
Speed is 55
Ability is Inner Focus
Item is Scope Lens
Has a Hardy nature
Is quick tempered
Caught with a poke ball

Eevee (M) Lvl 25
Sand-Attack (15 pp)
Take Down (20 pp)
Quick Attack (30 pp)
Bite (25 pp)
HP is 70
Attack is 36
Defense is 31
Sp. Attack is 26
Sp. Defense is 45
Speed is 35
Ability is Adaptability
Item is an Exp. Share
Has a Careful nature
It often dozes off
caught with a great ball

Servine (M) Lvl 26
Tackle (35 pp)
Leech Seed (10 pp)
Mega Drain (15 pp)
Leaf Tornado (10 pp)
HP is 72
Attack is 36
Defense is 52
Sp. Attack is 41
Sp. Defense is 51
Speed is 56
Ability is Overgrow
Item is a miracle seed
Has a Timid Nature
It is somewhat stubborn
Got as my starter Pokemon

I have not done any EV training or things like that
With the Pokemon I have, what roles would they play on my team? (ex: special sweeper, physical tank, wall, etc...)

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Lucario could play the roll of a special or physical sweeper as it has good speed, SpA and Attack. Servine can play the roll of a fast special or physical tank that sets up seeds. And Eevee's role will depend on what you evolve it to. Hope I helped :)

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thanks for the help, wasn't sure which EV to work on for each of my pokemon
still new to the whole EV thing :)
No problem :)