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Tank pokemon are supposed to take hits AND hit back hard. Ex:Rhyperior. Wall pokemon are just supposed to sit there and take a lot of hits and don't really have a purpose for attacking. Ex. skarmory.
If tanks can defend themselves as well as attack back with their strong offenses what is the point of the existence in walls? If tank and walls both have the same purpose of serving as defenders but tanks are the only one who can hit back hard and walls cant, why use a wall? I know it depends on some pokemon like blissey, theres no better sp walls than her so some people might prefer using blissey but in general, why would anyone choose a wall over a tank


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Well, walls aren't just there to "sit there and take a lot of hits and don't really have a purpose for attacking." Granted, most of them don't attack, but they usually make their mark in other ways than direct attacking.

Walls tend to focus more on supporting your team, whereas tanks are just bulkier, usually slower versions of sweepers. There's the classic staple of "toxistalling" in which you poison a pokemon, then spam protect and recovery moves to let the damage build up.

Walls are capable of easily setting up stat boosters for other teammates (perfect for Baton passing to teammates that may have trouble doing it themselves) You may try to set up things like stealth rock without essentially wasting a member of your team like so many frail leads do now.

Nearly every good wall has some form of recovery too, while tanks tend to just focus on hitting and going out after a while. Walls can just keep on taking hits, and can be pretty hard to bring down. Say I have sand up, along with a nice wall of my own, but your pokemon keep getting hurt by the sand, while mine are just fine.

You could also have a bulky pokemon carry something like heal bell to help out your teammates that have status crippling them. Strong offenses and attacking is great in the game, but it's not the only key to victory.

Thanks and yea now that I think of it, I completely agree. Wish i could vote for this but I cant yet