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Jirachi - level 73
item: ODD insecnce
Lonely nature, alert to sounds
Hp 251 Atk 184 def 152 sp atk 175 sp.def 168 speed 200
ability: serene grace
doom desire
draco meteor
Ponyta - level 36
item: none
Lonely nature, Often dozes off
HP 87 atk 75 def 43 spatk 52 sp.def 55 speed 71
ability: run away
Flame wheel
fire spin

Is this a good wall for the elite 4 in Pt?

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How do you even get a Jirachi?

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Ingame walls are not really needed and I hate to break it to you but them Pokemon are not walls. These two examples are walls though.
enter image description here
Example two
enter image description here

So Joke over a wall is a Pokemon like Shuckle that usually has monster Defences or nice Hp.
Shuckle is a prime example as it has 230 base Def and SDef.
Ponyta on the other hand has 50/55/65 base defensive stats.... That makes it one of the worst walls you can have though if you persist on using it as a wall try ev training it in Def and Sdef therefor leveling it up as a lv 39 will fail in the E4. It can pull off a physical wall I guess as it has access to Wiolowisp (which cuts the foes attack in half) and it has moonlight for recovery. But if I remember a few of the Pokemon in the E4 have guts so becarefull.

Now unlike Ponyta Jirachi has nice 100/100/100 defensive stats and nice typing so can pull off a nice special defensive set. Though your current set isn't a walling set. I do not beleive you understood the role of a wall. I'm not going to suggest a set as that Jirachi will be walling already at the level it is and if you made it more physical it would be a great sweeper.

All in all they are not good walls and with the natures/stats never will be. But for in game walls slow down play and are just not needed. So I suggest making them sweepers. That will make the E4 much easier. As well as the game more fun.

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