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Is this Ponyta a good wall?

Megan the Ponyta
Stats: 61 Atk,41 Dfns,46 Sp. Atk,58 Sp.Dfns,67 Spd,79 HP
Ability:Run Away
Moves:Rest,Stomp,Fire Spin,Take Down
Item:Shuca Berry

Is this a good Sp. wall or Ph. Sweeper?

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NOTE: I don`t know and can`t tell her EVs/IVs

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here rapidash cant be a wall but
here is a gen 5 rapidash moveset ( original )
evs hp attack ( sorry if im incorrect )
flame body item ( anything )
flare blitz
wild charge
poison jab ( poisons foe )
megahorn ( strong move )

now top rapidash moveset

your welcome ':)

That's no reason to vote it down though. EVs are still an integral part of the game. He was only giving you more information.
Well then can you tell me good defense EV giving pokemon?
Go to the EV page, then follow the links to the questions that Pokemaster has asked. There's EV training Spots for all the DS games.
also rapidash can't wall it's defenses are weak