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This Jirachi is kind of a stall Jirachi, but I don't know if that is a good role for it. But here is the moves

Serene Grace
-Doom desire
- Wish

Doom desire and wish makes the opponent take massive damage and heal Jirachi at the same time while Confusion and Thunder are moves that can make use of it's ability Serene Grace.
This Jirachi is for battles in the battle spot so if this ignoring EV's and IV's, what would you suggest for this Pokemon (Moves, Items, or even Role)

Nature, Iv's, and Ev's may help determine an item better. :P
So, psychic can be useful with serene grace, since its chance of lowering the opponent's SpD is higher, and it has a higher base power. Signal beam can also confuse pokemon, is decent coverage, and has a higher base power, if you want a better chance, use water pulse, for Psychic STAB is best from Psychic, not confusion.

Jirachi Stall would do better with cosmic power instead of thunder, thunder misses often and I see no point in it :P
If you want an electric type move, use thunderbolt, although it has less power and paralysis chance, it has more accuracy and reliability. Only use thunder if you have rain support.

Flash cannon is generally more reliable than doom desire, has more PP, and can lower SpD. you can have Recycle for chesto berry+rest or stall aguav berry.
 Trick can be a good setup. Steath rocks helps utility. Wish is good.

There are a lot of other ways, and we haven't gotten to natures, IV's, EV's, and Items yet.

Look at what team you want to put it in, and then decide which role it'll play
Ex: Stall, Wall-Breaker, Sweeper, Cleaner, Utility, Setup Sweeper, Wall, etc.

Basically, best for what?
Doom Desire is bad, use Meteor Mash with physical set. Or Z- Happy Hour Sweeep set works too
Cleaner? Never heard this role. Cleaner Jirachi, clean our house pls
Honestly a stall Jirachi isn't all that amazing in Battle Spot. There are lots of Pokemon, especially Groudon, that can 3HKO Jirachi and render its healing moves useless.

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I think because this Jirachi is more of a stall/tank/troll, either Leftovers, Sitrus Berry, or Wiki Berry would work for this moveset. Here's the pros and cons of each item

Sitrus Berry - Kicks in at 1/2 health rather than at 1/4, allowing Jirachi to tank a move that does 60% damage twice. Additionally, this allows Jirachi to use either Confusion or Thunder as he takes the first hit, and then if he inflicted a status condition, hopefully you can get some hax and get a Wish up. Unfortunately, it's only one-time use, unlike Leftovers.

Wiki Berry - Heals more than Sitrus Berry, allowing Jirachi to barely survive a hit, heal up via Wiki Berry, get a Wish up, and then switch. Wiki Berry suffers a greater weakness to Knock Off than Sitrus Berry because usually a powerful Knock off user can force Jirachi into its Sitrus Berry anyways, but assuming your Jirachi has a tanky nature and EVs, the Knock Off user can remove Jirachi's Wiki Berry, which obviously isn't very good.

Leftovers - Offers gradual recovery, and if your opponent cannot attack, the leftover recovery stacks quite nicely. Unfortunately, this item is extremely weak to Knock Off and is very slow at healing Jirachi, whereas the berries are much more spontaneous

That's all I have to tell you, and my personal conclusion is that the Sitrus Berry would be the "best" item, but it really is all up to personal preference.