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I really want to get a jolly nature jirachi from Pokemon channel but apparently you have to beat the elite four in ruby/sapphire to recieve it, does this mean I have to reset the file then complete the game every time I want to get a different jirachi? Or is there some easier way to soft reset for it to get the right nature like the colosseum bonus disk jirachi? I’ve seen someone in a YouTube video comment claim they got a shiny jirachi after soft resetting but how do you do it?

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to get jirachi in R/S the game needs to be european since on USA releases you can get it from closseum bonus disc
Did you mean you CAN'T get it in the USA releases, or I am reading this wrong? Because the US isn't a part of Europe.
I must be misunderstanding or missing something here, because that sentence really confused me...
No I meant you can get jirachi in both USA and Europe.  The only reason I mentioned the colosseum bonus disk is because I know for that jirachi there is an easy way to get the nature you want but it’s not as easy for channel jirachi since you have to complete r/s first  I’m saying you CAN easily soft reset on the colosseum bonus disk and you CAN’T easily soft reset from pokemon channel, my problem is I only have pokemon channel and want a jolly jirachi, is there any way to easily soft reset to get a better nature? (Since to recieve the channel jirachi you need to beat the elite four) and I really don’t want to beat the entire game hundreds of times till I get the nature I want.
I guess that clears things up, even if I was talking to ShinyDrago. Thanks, I guess.
Ohhh right sorry

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