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I really, really want to evolve my Vulpix and Eevee in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, but I can't find them! In my Explorers of Darkness game, I found a Lunar Ribbon in Dark Crater. Can I find it there in EOS too? I don't want to go all over that place for nothing. As for the Fire Stone..I heard that the easiest way to get it was from the shops in Mystifying Forest...but I have gone through there about 10 times(not an exaggeration), and only one shop has had evolution items, with no Fire Stone. Also...what floors in there usually have shops? I have the IQ Skill Acute Sniffer, but it doesn't tell me where there are shops, I'm getting really tired of checking a floor with 13 items, only to find that all those were items on the ground, not in a shop.


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