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without EXP share or rare candys
i have an Axew and I need it at Lv.80 or higher to trade for a legendary
i cant trade for an Lv.80 Axew because I dont have the Pokemon they want

Just some advice. Don't bother because they tend to be already traded but GTS never updates the trades. I have done this myself. :(

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I went to the Giant Chasm. You will need HM Surf.

Here's a guide:

Outside the Cave:
Light Grass: Lvls 50-55
Dark Grass: Lvls 55-60

Inside the Cave:
Lvls 50-55

Inside the Chasm:
Light Grass: Lvls 55-60
Dark Grass: Lvls 60-65

Use a Lucky Egg and/or a Exp Share. That should train a lot. Once your
Pokemon are around level 70, challenge the Elite 4 and keep on using
one Pokemon only. Audino's are another exception as they can give tons
of EXP though being at low levels.

Other Ways:

  • GAMEFREAK Morimoto
  • Elite Four
  • Level Up at Join Avenue Shops.
  • Rare Candies (Not Recommended)
  • Lucky Egg/ EXP Share
  • Basic Wild Pokemon
  • Black Tower or White Treehollow.

These are all the best ways I could think of. There are many more such as the Battle Subway and Daycare trick but make sure you EV train before attempting it.

Why not rare candies if you have them? I dont use them anyways like, ever, but they are useful.
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Lucky egg is a great option and battling audinos gives you a TON of exp. Additionally you should challenge the black tower but I doubt you would get very far with an Axew. Thus I would stick to the lucky egg and audinos. Also in join avenue the dojos and cafe can level your Pokemon.