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Rigigigas has it's speed and attack halfed for the first 5 turns it's put on the field. If I hit Cofagrigus, will it's attack and speed set to full power straight after, or will it just stay weak (bulbapedia only mentions Skill Swap, Gastro Acid and Worry Seed)?


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It will go to full power, as it no longer has Slow Start.

Source: Experience and bulbapedia saying "Multitype and Mummy itself are the only Abilities not affected by Mummy."

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Yup,since the ability slow start is gone,it will get back to full power.

Source-personal experience.

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Yes. It'll get its full power back. Short 'n' sweet. :P

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Yep, it will work perfectly fine, however may a suggest a Pokemon with simple beam? It works the same just it's a move and will do good instead of doing nothing.