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I hear my friends talking about cards that are banned within the current format. Meaning?


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Meaning that only cards from the sets Black&Whitee to Boundaries Crossed are allowed to be used.

The sets allowed are:

Emerging Powers
Noble Victories
Next Destinies
Dark Explorers
Dragons Exalted
Boundaries Crossed

Also allowed are any Promo cards released during this time, as well as the mini-set Dragon Vault. Any future sets will also be allowed, such as the upcoming Plasma Gale set. However, it is not known if the introduction of new sets will lead to new bans.

The reason for this is to make the game more balanced. Despite the power creep, there are plenty of cards from the past who would be too powerful for now (such as Jungle Mr. Mime), especially Trainer cards like Bill and Professor Oak now that game mechanics have changed.

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My friends also said the Energies and selected trainer cards (Rare Candy, Plus Power, Switch) aren't banned that are from previous generations. Is that true?
Well, the basic Energy cards are a constant throughout all the generations. And the trainers Pluspower, Switch, and Rare Candy are examples of Trainers that are also Trainers in the current set.

However, such Energy as Recycle Energy, and such Trainers as the all powerful Super Energy Removal, are not allowed as they do not have any versions in the newer sets.
Okay, thanks for clearing that up.