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Can you add a picture of the card to the question
Ok I will
Unfortunately, you wouldn't even be able to use this card unless you were playing in the Unlimited format. Most tournaments only allow standard format cards in the decks.
If you could use it, my guess is that it would be pretty strong, given that most of the newer cards do WAY more than 30 damage. But it would take long for it to KO something.

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I’m not sure if this is a good answer, but it would be pretty good. As some of the comments say, many cards now do a lot of damage, so it would be a strong wall. But it has a very low hp so it would be taken down quickly, and the attack that it does have has a base power of 10 which is not good at all. (Not including the damage counter thing, which wouldn’t matter much anyway as it does so little damage)

Hope this helped!

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